Skilled Facilities

couple laugh in skilled nursing facility

Patients in skilled nursing facilities need a number of medications, both for wellness, to help them regain their health and to keep them comfortable if they are nearing the end of life. It can be difficult for skilled nursing facilities to have all of the medications they need on hand without paying for more medications than their patients need. One good way to avoid this issue while still augmenting your level of patient service is to partner with SC Home Rx, your skilled nursing facility pharmacy.

How SC Home Rx Works

Basically a pharmacy on wheels, SC Home Rx comes directly to your skilled nursing center. Additionally, our service offers hundreds of commonly-used medications on an as-needed basis. Further, each mobile pharmacy unit is staffed by a pharmacist who is certified in geriatric medicine. This means a specialist is always available to answer patient and staff questions and concerns.

We are revolutionizing the way health care facilities get their patient medications. To learn more about how your skilled nursing facility can benefit from partnering with SC Home Rx, contact us today.