SC Home Rx

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

SC Home Rx began when we saw a great need in geriatric medicine for an easy access pharmacy that caters to long-term care facilities in Columbia, SC. In fact, after years of research from all corners of the pharmaceutical industry, from nurses and physicians to patients, we identified the major pain points in medication management to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive pharmacy services, right to your door.

So, while working to maximize cost and time savings, we have focused on improving safety and access to clinical pharmacists and medications.

Enhanced Patient Care for a Better Facility


Unlike SC Home Rx, traditional pharmacies do not function on a just-in-time deployment schedule. In fact, traditionally, facilities are billed whether or not medications are taken by the patient. With our on-site medication dispensing, we bill only for the inventory that is used, meaning you save money and time in the long run.


Our system provides on-site access to all the medications you need for all of your patients. In fact, we distribute all dosage forms, including inhalers, topical medications, tablets, liquids, capsules, refrigerated items, IVs and IV kits, and other supplies.


SC Home Rx prides ourself on an accuracy rate that is significantly higher than traditional pharmacy dispensation. We dispense millions of doses per month, and are certified geriatric specialty pharmacists. This means we are proactive and are always optimizing drug therapy for our patients to help reduce errors that are based on or around medications, re-hospitalizations, and falls.

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Home Deliveries

Delivering prescriptions to your doorstep for convenient medication management.

Skilled Facilities

Revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities receive medication as your skilled nursing pharmacy.

Assisted Living

Streamlining medication management and increasing the quality of patient care with a more affordable pharmacy solution.

Hospice Care

Providing remote access to a wide variety of medications to help both you and your hospice patients.