Assisted Living

assisted living nurse helping patient

For assisted living facilities, medication management can often be a challenge. Keeping the necessary medications on hand can be expensive, especially when working primarily with big box drug stores. However, by partnering with SC Home Rx, Columbia and surrounding area assisted living facilities can provide better and more affordable care to patients.

Our Mobile Pharmacy Services for Assisted Living

Our mobile pharmacy service is designed to be a resource for assisted living facilities. In fact, by partnering with us, your facility can streamline medication management and increase the quality of patient care. Further, we offer a large variety of commonly-used medications, along with a pharmacist who is certified in geriatric medicine and an accurate dispensing system that can help to reduce human error.

Benefits of Partnering with SC Home Rx

Partnering with SC Home Rx can offer your assisted living facility a number of benefits, including:

Lower costs: our mobile pharmacy service provides just the amount of medications your facility needs. This means you don’t have to purchase a daily supply that you may or may not use for your patients. The reduced overhead cost means that you pay less for the medications your residents need in the long run.

More in-depth interaction with a specialized geriatric pharmacist: with a mobile pharmacist, caregivers are able to ask questions and raise concerns directly.

Learn more about how your assisted living facility can benefit from a mobile pharmacy service. Contact SC Home Rx today.