hospice care pharmacy

Hospice, by definition, is end of life care. Usually, that entails a number of prescriptions that help the patient be more comfortable during their final days. However, sometimes, it’s difficult for a facility or individual caregivers to get timely access to the medications their patients need using traditional pharmacy services without paying a premium. That’s where our mobile hospice pharmacy service can help both you and your hospice patients. 

Mobile Pharmacy for Better Hospice Care

Our mobile pharmacy combines long-term care pharmaceuticals, on-site medication dispensing, and certified geriatric clinical pharmacists services. In fact, designed using input from nurses, doctors and other health professionals from the area, we created SC Home Rx to provide high-quality services and remote access to a wide variety of medications.

The Benefits

Our mobile pharmacy offers a number of unique benefits for your patients or loved ones. These benefits include:

1. Saving Money: you’re only billed for the medications your patients need. Traditional pharmacies dispense medications in 7, 15, 30, and 90-day supplies. SC Home Rx prioritizes patients and only bills for what you need right now.

2. Safety and Accuracy: dispensing is safer and more accurate than traditional drug dispensing methods.

3. Access to a Geriatric Specialist: having a geriatric specialist available allows patient and caregiver questions and concerns to be answered more quickly.

So, to learn more about how hospice facilities or personal caregivers in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas can benefit from our mobile pharmacy services, contact SC Home Rx today. We can help!